FIU Theatre kicks-off spring with ‘The Ruby Sunrise’ Jan. 20

“There is truth and then there is television…”.

The Ruby Sunrise is the first FIU Theatre production of the spring 2011 semester. Directed by Michael Yawney, this is a play about how reality gets rewritten by the media. It shows the audience a fictional historical event – a young woman creates a prototype television – then shows them the process of how television rewrites the reality.

Daniel Nieves and Sarai Heria co-star in "The Ruby Sunrise" as Tad Rose and Lulu Miles.

To the audience’s surprise, it is not evil executives who rewrite history, but rather ambitious young people who passionately want to tell a story. But they do not realize that by telling their story they have to betray it.

The script, written by Rinne Groff, is funny, fascinating and inventive. It is almost a mystery story in the second half as the audience is invited to read between the lines to discover what really happened to Ruby and her prototype television.

This production is completely designed by FIU Theatre student designers, including sets, costumes, lighting and sound. Their challenge is to present the “real” version of something, then show the “television” version of it. It’s rare for design elements to get laughs — but in this production they do.

The Ruby Sunrise will be staged in the Herbert & Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center at Modesto A. Maidique Campus Jan. 20-30. For tickets and more information, call 305-348-0496.

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