Old Panther Cards to be recycled

FIU is switching from the Panther Card to the FIU One Card. The One Card is the new official on-campus identification card. With more than 50,000 people at FIU transitioning to the One Card, one student asked a very good question: Can the old cards be recycled? After seeing this comment, the University Sustainability Office did some digging to see if they could be recycled.Recycling Roary Panther Card

They found a company that takes old plastic cards, like the Panther Card, and recycles them to make new cards for purchase by other companies. FIU Business Services and Wells Fargo agreed that it would be great to recycle the 50,000-plus cards with this company instead of throwing them into a landfill. In the future, FIU will have the option to purchase cards from recycled Panther Cards.

Learn more about the new FIU One Card.

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