Navigate campus from afar with Google Maps’ new Street View imagery

If you were on campus this spring, you may have seen an odd sight: a three-wheeled pedicab with a camera system mounted on top steered by a biker pedaling around pathways and university buildings. Today, the panoramic campus imagery collected from Google’s Street View Trike was published on Google Maps, revealing a detailed street-level look at FIU’s two campuses.

Individuals can now explore FIU campuses directly from Google Maps and FIU Campus Maps. Alumni can revisit their old stomping grounds and potential Panthers can get a feel for the university before applying. The new navigable images include roads, sidewalks, athletic fields and parking lots.

Street View was originally available for public roads accessible by car, but over the past few years, Google has partnered with private venues like university campuses and theme parks to make Google Maps more complete and bring more imagery online. Google partnered with FIU’s Division of External Relations to expand panoramic imagery available on Google Maps to its campus. Today’s release also includes university campuses from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Spain, France, UK, Japan and several other countries. The Street View Trike spent two days winding through FIU’s campuses, capturing images along the way.

Check out the Street View imagery of Modesto A. Maidique Campus in Google Maps here, and the Biscayne Bay Campus in Google Maps here.

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