Real steel on campus

F. Douglass Schatz, “Crown,” 2003. Painted steel, 156″ x 108″ x 108″.

You may have noticed the trucks and crane that assisted 10 striking sculptures moving into their new temporary home in the Sculpture Park at Modesto A. Maidique Campus Oct. 10-11.

The artworks will be on display beginning Oct. 17 as part of the Frost Art Museum’s “American Sculpture in the Tropics” exhibition that will run through May 2013.

Made of a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, cast fiberglass, copper, concrete, wood and rubber tires, each work represents the best of contemporary sculpture through its most recognized artists and the diversity of styles, themes and technical approaches that characterize our times.

Artists include Verina Baxter, Chakaia Booker, John Clement, Isaac Duncan, John Henry, Terry Karpowicz, Peter Lundberg, Bret Price, F. Douglass Schatz (whose work is pictured here, up front at left) and Albert Paley, who will speak at the upcoming Breakfast in the Park event on Dec. 9.

Take a moment to enjoy the view, Panthers.