Pump up the volume

Student-athletes on the songs that get them ready to play

By Sissi Aguila ’99, MA ’08 | Photos by Doug Garland ’10

The right song can get an athlete’s mind right. Whether it’s the lyrics of a hip-hop song motivating a football player to leave it all on the field, a latin beat bringing the volleyball team together before a big game, or the music of a close friend inspiring a basketball player to bring home the victory, FIU’s student-athletes rely on their playlists to get them in the zone.

FIU Magazine asked student-athletes from a variety of sports what song gets them pumped up before a game. Click on the photos below to listen to why their track helps them give their best performance.

Malik Smith FIU Mens Basketball Caylin Hauptmann FIU FootballSilvia Carli FIU volleyball







Julius Gaines FIU baseballCarmen Miloglav FIU womens basketballJoseph Dawkins FIU mens soccer

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