9 unexplainable things at FIU

We all know our FIU campuses are beautiful, vast and exotic places. But for all their beauty and splendor, the more time you spend enjoying the scenery, the more you notice things are not always what they seem. At some point you will come across something and ask, “Why?”

We list nine that made us go, “huh?”


1. Those fake ducks behind The Frost

Behind the Frost Art Museum, half a dozen ducks frolick in the pond every day. But look closer. They’re fake! Even odder, this lake also has the highest concentration of real ducks at Modesto A. Maidique Campus.


2. That bridge to nowhere

All Panthers have heard of the kissing bridge and the magical powers it holds. There is a lesser known bridge that has perplexed students for years: the Bridge to Nowhere. Its magical powers have yet to be discovered. Is it a gateway to a parallel universe? We have no idea!


3. The immovable trash can

The photo on the left was taken in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew and the photo on the right was taken in 2012. Not even the Wall of Wind could move this trash can! How long has it been here?


4. The FIU island (aka Henington Island)

First of all, do you know FIU has an island? It does – on the NW corner of the Modesto A. Maidique Campus. Rumor has it FIU’s first groundskeeper is buried on it. Close, but no. In 1988, the island was dedicated to Charles Hennington, the university’s first and only superintendent of grounds who created MMC’s lush landscape.


5. That chained hole next to the breezeway

Between PC and the dorms, there’s a small crater partially cordoned off. Is it an art installation or the remnants of a meteorite?


6. That creepy sound installation

The eerie sounds that come from the Paul Cejas School of Architecture Building have made many students wonder if the building is haunted. It’s not; it’s the Breezeway, a permanent sound exhibition installed in 2004.

7. PC or CP?

Is it PC for Primera Casa or CP for Charles Perry? The building with two names has stumped many-a-freshman since it’s usually the very first building they visit. So Panthers, is it PC or CP?


8. Those mysterious bells

The FIU bells have always been a mystery. They randomly chime famous songs such as The Beatles’ ”Yesterday” and the theme song from the Godfather. Who is this master bell player? And where in the world are those bells located?


9. Then there’s this….

What happens to our Panther at the end of this 2008 athletics video?

Let’s us know in the comment section of any odd things you’ve noticed around campus.

– by Doug Garland