University ready for added traffic at the start of the Spring semester

The 2013 spring semester will be upon us in just a few weeks and, as with the start of the fall semester, the university will face parking and traffic challenges as students meet with their professors and advisors, adjust their schedules, obtain their financial aid, and participate in a host of other activities that require them to spend considerable time on campus.  This is especially true during the registration, drop/add and payment periods of the semester.

In an effort to accomplish our goal of students first and to reduce traffic and parking congestion at the beginning of the Spring semester, FIU will be implementing several changes to Parking and Transportation on the MMC that will be in effect from Monday, January 7 through Tuesday, January 15, 2013.


We have over 1600 additional temporary parking spaces available for students, faculty and staff as “All Decals” parking.  This includes over 300 additional parking spaces available at the northeast corner of campus, just east of Parking Garage V-Market Station; over 1000 parking spaces at Tamiami Park, just east of FIU Stadium and south of Lot 6; over 140 spaces by the Greek housing area; and over 250 parking spaces at the Fair and Exposition, just east of the Wertheim Performing Arts Center and south of Lot 5.  These “All Decals” parking areas may be used by students, faculty and staff with valid parking permits.

 2013 spring plan map


Shuttle service is being expanded during the first two weeks of the semester to better serve the needs of students, faculty and staff.  In addition to our existing “Panther Mover” service between the Charles Perry/Primera Casa building and Panther Garage, we will have pick-up and drop-off locations at the temporary parking areas at Tamiami Park and the Fair and Exposition. At Tamiami Park location, there will be a shuttle pick-up throughout the lot that will drop off at the area between the Frost Art Museum and the Blue Garage.  At the Fair and Exposition location, there will be a shuttle pick-up in the center of the parking lot with round-trip service to the drop-off area at the Performing Art Center.  Finally, we will offer golf cart shuttle service from the new Parking Garage V overflow parking lot to the Chemistry and Physics building loading zone to provide additional convenience support. Shuttle service will operate continuously between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.

We believe these temporary changes will help accommodate the additional traffic and parking demands that normally arise during the first two weeks of the semester.  Please remember that these changes are in effect only from Monday, January 7 through Tuesday, January 15, 2013.  After this date, all parking arrangements will return to standard and normal operations.


To move traffic in and out of campus as safely and efficiently as possible, we will have extra police officers and public safety technicians controlling exterior and interior traffic.  Exterior traffic control will focus on directing traffic and controlling traffic signals along SW 8th Street, from the Turnpike exit through 107th Avenue, and along 107th Avenue from SW 8th Street to SW 17th Street.

We will also have additional access points to the campus.  We will be able to access the campus at 107th Avenue and SW 19 Street (Fair and Exposition); Coral Way and SW 112th Avenue (Tamiami Park) and SW 117th Avenue and SW 21st Street, just east of the Florida Turnpike.

2013 spring entrance map

 Interior traffic control will focus on keeping traffic flowing smoothly within the campus.  We will have adequate staffing to direct faculty, staff and students to available parking and to control pedestrian traffic in order to ensure pedestrian safety in a way that does not excessively interrupt vehicular traffic.   We will also have additional staffing at key intersections, such as the traffic circle at SW 16th Street.

We may consider different options in the future if we believe we can improve parking and transportation services to our students, faculty and staff.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please do not hesitate to contact Lissette Hernandez, Director of Parking and Transportation at 7-1672, if you have any questions or need additional information.

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