Alumni provide words of advice to current students

The weekend before Spring 2013 classes began, the FIU Alumni Association asked alumni if they had any words of wisdom to share with new students. Alumni quickly sounded-off and here are some of the highlights.

“Enjoy it! Learn the traditions! Embrace the Panther pride! Go to a game .. or 2. But most of all, make memories” – Cristel Gomez

“Seek opportunities and create a network before you leave. The financial aid office is your friend; there are scholarships and grants. Learn how to write a grant.” – Carol Yngve

“Enjoy every single day at FIU. Time flies. Don’t rush through your college years.” – Teresa Arcaini Bown

“Make sure that you read the course syllabus in its entirety as opposed to just skimming through it.” – Janiel F Vargas

“Don’t step on the seal!” – Sean Kramer

The FIU Alumni Association wishes all students a happy and healthy semester!