Kindergarteners learn about food systems at FIU’s Organic Garden

Agroecology Kinder Cultivation

The Agroecology Program, in the Department of Earth and Environment, hosted 160 kindergarteners from Coral Park Elementary on Friday, Jan. 25.

As part of “Kindergarten Cultivation in Agroecology Day,” the tykes participated in a variety of activities, led by the program’s students, at the FIU Organic Garden and the FIU Nature Preserve. The activities were designed to teach them a variety of food systems concepts, including seed germination, transplanting herbs and fruits, aquaponics, pollination and the socioeconomics of food production.

“This event was monumental for us in transforming the garden into a life lab for our students and the community,” said Stephany Alvarez-Ventura, ’11, coordinator for the Agroecology Program. “We’re all passionate about sustainable food systems. We also understand the need for younger generations to understand how and where food grows and to become excited about science and sustainability. The event was a great success.”

View pictures of the day’s events.

By Evelyn S. Perez

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