Wall of Wind welcomes media preparing hurricane season special reports

FIU’s Wall of Wind, the largest and most powerful university research facility of its kind, capable of simulating a Category 5 hurricane, welcomes media preparing hurricane season specials to interview experts and record research testing taking place at the facility.

WOW 12-Fan Model

Since its opening last year, the Wall of Wind has added a flow management system, which employs spires and floor roughness elements to manipulate the wind created by the Wall of Wind and develop more realistic hurricane characteristics with turbulence, gusting and atmospheric boundary layer conditions. For more information about the Wall of Wind, click here.

Wind engineers and research scientists from FIU’s International Hurricane Research Center will be welcoming media Friday, April 12, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Media will be able to take VIP walk-through tours of the facility; interview members of the Wall of Wind research team; shoot stand-ups with the fans at low speed; and capture video of a research test being conducted at the Wall of Wind.

The event will take place at FIU’s Engineering Center, 10555 West Flagler Street in Miami.

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