WPBT intern gets hands-on experience with new TV arts show

When Lisann Ramos arrived for her first day of work as an intern at WPBT Channel 2, she quickly realized this was not going to be a typical desk job.

Her first assignment? Helping out on a video shoot with Broadway actor Andrew Rannells, best known for his Tony Award-nominated work in The Book of Mormon.

“It’s been amazing,’’ said Ramos, a senior majoring in journalism who has been working at WPBT since January.  “I’ve gotten to do interviews with artists, painters, actors and dancers. I love what I do. I would do it for free.’’


As an intern at WPBT Channel 2, journalism major Lisann Ramos’ duties included setting up cameras and lights.

Ramos, 20, came on the job just as a new original arts program called art loft, was getting off the ground. Her daily assignments include everything from setting up lighting and sound to taking promotional photographs for the show’s website and Facebook page.

“It’s been great to see it all come together from the beginning,’’ she said. “I feel very fortunate. I’ve learned so much about how to find stories and conduct interviews. I’ve gotten a lot more confidence in asking questions and making connections.’’

“There’s so much that goes into it all,’’ she added. “You’re always on, always looking for new story ideas.’’

Kandra Velez, executive producer of art loft, said she has been impressed by Ramos’ strong work ethic and positive attitude. Velez, herself a former WPBT intern and FIU graduate, knows the value of getting experience while still in school.

“Not only has Lisann learned about field production, but she’s also made some great contacts in the world of art and television in South Florida,’’ Velez said. “She got her foot in the door with art loft, and now she has some of the skills and connections to take the next step.”


Intern LIsann Ramos takes photos for the WPBT website and Facebook page.

That next step, Ramos hopes, is a job as a producer at a morning or daytime talk show.  That goal may take her to bigger markets like New York or Los Angeles but she said she’d be just as happy to stay in Miami, where she was born and raised.

“There’s a lot of potential here,’’ she said. “I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve learned that making those connections really matters.’’

“I would urge anyone to look for these opportunities while they’re still in school,’’ she added. “It’s the best way to get the experience you need to move forward in your career.’’

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