aB South Africa: ‘Every day during this trip has been memorable’

Amanda 2Every day during this trip has been memorable. Today was extra special because we were able to share our mission with marine biology students from California staying at our same hostel. They came to work with us and volunteered at the clinic where we worked to put the finishing touches on our projects. Veronica, the cook at the clinic, made us a special feast of the iconic South African dish bunny chow! Although we anticipated working nearly 12 hours, we finished right at 5 p.m. We are about 85 percent done with all of the projects we were assigned.

Tonight, we were invited to dinner with Mrs. Charlotte, an 82 year-old Tennessee-born, South African resident who has dedicated her life to service. She cooked  a wonderful feast for all of us, including the volunteers from California. Her meal included some southern soul food with a South African touch. After dinner, we sat around the table and heard her stories of walking with Maya Angelou in Ghana during the 60s and her current mission with the Durban Rotary Club. On Saturday, four members of our group will be assisting her at an international health fair taking place in Durban. Volunteers will be assisting with checking in guests and escorting them to their diabetes, cholesterol and vaccination visits.

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