SEAS, Zoo Miami kick off “Zoo FIU” lecture series Friday May 17

The School of Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS) and Zoo Miami will kick off its “Zoo FIU” lecture series Friday, May 17, with a talk by FIU zoologist and ecologist, Kristin Bishop.

The talk, titled “The Cost of Stealth: Mechanics of Walking in Dogs and Cats,” is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Zoo Miami. It is open to the public with paid admission.

Kristin BishopBishop, an associate professor in the FIU Department of Biological Sciences, will talk about the mechanics and energetics of cheetahs that allow them to move the way they do. Zoo Miami staff will also discuss their ongoing efforts with the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Center in South Africa to develop wild cheetah conservation programs and better husbandry practices for this highly endangered cat in captivity.

“Zoo FIU” is a series of talks by university researchers and zoo staff about the conservation and care of species that call Zoo Miami home and beyond, including a variety of sharks, fish, cheetahs, amphibians, bats, desert antelopes and dogs.

“We are very excited to partner with Zoo Miami to launch the ‘Zoo FIU’ series,” said Mike Heithaus, executive director of SEAS. “The talks will give members of our community access to researchers who have traveled the world and studied our planet’s rich biodiversity. This is a unique opportunity for the school to share amazing information and stories about the species we study”

The “Zoo FIU” series is set to run until December 2013. For a complete schedule, click here. FIU staff and students can take advantage of a discounted admission rate.

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