What we learned at FIU today

Thursday, May 2, was Bring Your Child to Work Day at FIU. Seven children from the Division of External Relations spent the day learning about FIU and here is what they learned.

“I learned that in hospitals, they use practice dummies. Some of them can move like a regular human and sound like a regular human.” – Jenevieve Jimenez

“I learned that you can use mannequins to simulate different situations in medical crises.” – Alexander Sutton

“I learned what hospital rooms look like.” – Julian Rodriguez Varela

“I learned about blood.” – Martin Archilla

“I learned that they do neurosurgery classes, but they don’t have surgical activities here.” – Raymond Castro

“I learned that the organic garden continues and that it has a pathway that goes to the Nature Preserve.” – Janet D’Alessandro

“I learned that an organic garden is a garden where no chemicals or pesticides are used to grow plants.” – Karina Bravo

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