President Rosenberg delivers message to Greek organizations

On Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, President Mark B. Rosenberg delivered this message to FIU’s Greeks:

Dear leaders of Greek organizations:

Earlier this week, the university received copies of disturbing Facebook posts that described vicious and potentially illegal activities unbecoming of FIU students. The Facebook posts disgusted me, angered me, and saddened me. This type of behavior will not be tolerated at FIU.

As you know, the students implicated in those Facebook postings are being investigated by police and they will be dealt with individually by the appropriate authorities. The Pi Kappa Alpha organization will no longer be part of our university.

A university’s mission is to educate. Your education is not just about learning in the classroom. It is also about the experience you have outside the classroom. College years are a transformative period when young adults make the transition to adulthood and, we hope, learn to become respectful law-abiding citizens and leaders in our community.

Greek organizations have traditionally been an important part of that transition to adulthood and will continue to play that role at FIU. I challenge you, as leaders on our campus, to seize this opportunity to improve our community and make sure FIU students serve as beacons of tolerance and dignified discourse.

I hope this unpleasant episode serves as a learning opportunity and a reminder that your actions can, and often do, have serious consequences.

I wish you a fruitful Fall semester and an academic year that brings you personal growth and insights in and outside the classroom.


Mark B. Rosenberg


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