Teaching journalism in the digital age

FIU News recently visited the School of Journalism and Mass Communication to talk with Dean Raul Reis and Associate Dean Allan Richards about the challenges of teaching Journalism in the digital age.

Reis said that the technical side of journalism, such as mastering software applications, multimedia and social media skills, even app development, are at the core of teaching journalism now. “But the important thing is also the basics,” said Reis, “what makes a good story, how do you tell that a source is reliable, how are you a critical thinker in the way you find information, you package that information for the viewer, the listener, the reader.”

The new Digital Media Studies major, launched last year, is designed to provide students with the tools and skills they need to navigate the current revolution in the media world, said Reis.

As media organizations have been forced to change, they’ve been forced to become more entrepreneurial,” said Richards. “We’re preparing students for the unknown,” he said.

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