Top 10 college hacks for Panthers

We were really inspired by a recent Buzzfeed article on the 36 best college lifehacks. We thought we’d pick our favorite ones and apply it with an FIU spin. Take a look!

1. Does your dorm smell bad?

If your dorm smells bad, it’s best you call your RA. But another option would be to invest in dryer sheets. Tape it over the AC unit (University Apartments) and turn it on!

2. Can’t wake up? 

Some of us are heavy sleepers… but if you’re taking 8 a.m. Finite Math, you need to wake up! Put your phone inside a cup, so when the alarm goes off the volume is amplified.

3. Keyboard dirt

Breezeway cookie crumbs are hard to get out of your keyboard buttons. So, use your post-its, not only for reminders, but also for getting rid of food buildup.

4. Making eggs without the skillet

Eggs are a good source of protein and a great way to start off your day before hitting the Rec Center. However, they do take a while to make. Crack two eggs in a coffee mug, add some shredded cheese and milk. Stir and microwave. Voi-la!

5. Hanging your clothes


Sometimes we’re going to run out of hangers to hang our FIU gear. Save your soda can lids and connect them to your hangers. You’ll essentially have unlimited space to store your clothes.

6. Folding clothes


There are so many ways to store your FIU t’s in a drawer. This way has you storing them like folders and files.

7. Incentive to study


You should be studying regardless. But if you turn the page on your textbook, you might find your favorite snack waiting for you.

8. Small microwave


Microwaves can be small, width-wise. But take advantage of your microwave’s height!

9. Making coffee without a coffee machine


Coffee machines are expensive. Here’s the easy, inexpensive way of making coffee. All you need is a mug, plastic cup, rubber-band, coffee filter and hot water.

10. Tortillas > Plates


You can save time washing dishes by using paper/plastic plates. But let’s take a step further and use tortillas as plates. Your mac & cheese just became more delicious.

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