FIU Pharmacy launches delivery service, online ordering for university


The FIU Pharmacy, which is currently under renovations, has been actively looking for ways to improve its services for FIU students, faculty and staff.

By Joel Delgado ’12 MS ’17

The Student Health Services FIU Pharmacy, located in Student Health Services building at Modesto A. Madique Campus (MMC), is taking its services beyond its walls – literally and figuratively – to expand their ability to serve the university community.

This past spring, they launched a delivery service that allows students, faculty and staff to have their prescription or over-the-counter products delivered to them anywhere at MMC.

And on Aug. 26, the first day of the Fall 2013 semester, they launched their new website, which allows the university community to place their orders online for either pickup or delivery and pay via debit and credit card or, for students, through their student account.

“That’s our goal: We want to give students, faculty and staff service in their office and around campus so they don’t even have to come to the pharmacy if they’re not able to,” said Pharmacy Manager Dalia Pallares.

The pharmacy delivers their products with their golf cart twice a day Mondays through Fridays. Orders made before 1 p.m. on a given day can be delivered that same day during their 3:30 p.m. drop off time. For orders made after 1 p.m., deliveries can be made the following day at 10:30 a.m. Whoever makes the order must be present to accept the delivery when it’s made.

Currently, the on-campus pharmacy offers approximately 75 products online and listens to suggestions made by students, constantly looking to add products that students are using and requesting while deleting those that aren’t.

A number of students over the past year have suggested more organic and “green” products, and the pharmacy has added products from Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face, and Aura Cacia, all of which specialize in natural alternatives for both aromatherapy and personal care.

“Our key is service, service, service,” said Mariela Castillo, the assistant director of Finance for Student Health Services. “Being able to bring to campus what they need to make sure their experience is more convenient is important to us. We want to be looking for the brands that they’re looking for.”

The products available online range from first aid and personal care to digestive health and cold and allergy medication. There is even a “Gifts” section that includes different kits that can be ordered for friends, family members or for special occasions.

In addition, the pharmacy has also made successful efforts to expand the number of different insurance companies for which they can offer services. The list now includes Express Scripts, Medco, and Florida Blue (also known as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida).

All of these new and expanded services are part of an effort to improve convenience as well as affordability for students and others in the university community for their personal care and medical needs.

Their message with these changes is a simple one.

“We’re here, we can help you and we’re excited to improve our services,” Castillo said.

For more information, send FIU Pharmacy an email to or call 305-348-5963. 

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