FIU football players encourage students at James H. Bright Elementary School

Football Player 1

By Joel Delgado ’12 MS ’17

Several members of the FIU football team visited James H. Bright Elementary School in Hialeah, including offensive lineman Yousif Khoury (above, #76), on Nov. 4  to address a packed cafeteria of students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade.

The student-athletes shared stories from their childhood and advice from their own experiences while answering questions from the audience. Afterward, the players broke up into smaller groups and individually went around to each table to interact with kids, take pictures and sign autographs.

It was a special day for linebacker Derrick Jones, Jr. (below, #25) who is an alumnus of James H. Bright Elementary School and was able to see some of his former teachers while encouraging students who grew up in his own neighborhood to excel in the classroom and on the football field.

Jones 2

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