Watch highlights from TEDxFIU 2013

In case you missed the university’s event of the year, TEDxFIU, watch the highlights:

FIU News will be featuring two talks from this year’s events in our weekly e-newsletter (Don’t get the e-newsletter? Subscribe here.)

In this first installment, “The Art of the God Particle,” FIU physicist Pete Markowitz and FIU artist Xavier Cortada, who collaborated on an art installation at CERN, switch roles. Cortada explains Markowitz’s role in one of the largest scientific experiments in the world – the CERN accelerator in Geneva – and the confirmation of the existence of the Higgs bosen particle, often referred to as the “God Particle.” Markowitz explains Cortada’s art that will forever mark the historic event.

Check back Tuesday, Nov. 26, when FIU News posts, “The case for manned exploration,” by FIU marine biologist Mike Heithaus and marine sciences professor Deron Burkepile. This TEDxFIU talk is the world’s first TEDx talk to feature a speaker who was 60ft underwater in the world’s only underwater sea lab – Aquarius.

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