Students gather to raise awareness for Venezuela

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, FIU students gathered to show support for Venezuela. Organized by junior public relations major Christina Lopez, she says standing up for Venezuela isn’t a matter of pride for one’s country, but rather a human issue.

“I had to take some kind of action for what’s going on,” said Lopez, who is also a Delta Phi Epsilon sister. “Something so simple as taking a photo could bring awareness and show the FIU and local community that we also care.”

Lopez said the original idea started within the Greek Council and grew from there.

The support struck a special nerve for Madeleine Saade, a Venezuelan and Delta Phi Epsilon sister, who has family in the midst of the turmoil.


“Our goal was to spread awareness of what has been happening in Venezuela and to unite people for this cause,” she said. “What is going on in Venezuela is very real. Although it might not seem like something that affects the United States, it does.”

Together, the girls hope that their efforts will bring more attention to the ongoing conflict and protect people from injustice.

Asked about her wishes for Venezuela, Saade said, “Peace. I want to see the day where I never have to hear about a family member being assaulted, shot or kidnapped. I want to see the day that my little cousins can play outside again. I want to see the day when grocery stores have shelves full of food for people to buy. The day when my family doesn’t have to wonder if there will be electricity or water that day.”