New admissions director to enhance recruitment strategies at FIU


Jody Glassman

Jody Glassman has joined FIU  as director of undergraduate admissions where she will oversee student recruitment operations and develop strategic plans for undergraduate enrollment.

Glassman intends to continue attracting a diverse, high-achieving student body via new programs and services designed to educate prospective students, parents, counselors and the community about the benefits of an FIU education.

“I am proud to lead FIU’s admissions team at such a significant time in the university’s history,” Glassman said. “My goals are to attract and enroll undergraduate students who are academically prepared for the rigors of an FIU education.”

Glassman is a part of a new senior enrollment management team led by Luisa Havens, vice president of Enrollment Services, that is shaping the future of FIU.

Glassman has set in motion a new and enhanced strategy to increase early college awareness, opportunities at FIU and access to higher education. These initiatives encourage students to think about college earlier in life and explore their strengths and passion, which will help drive them toward a major and career path. 

Glassman comes to FIU from The College Board, where she served as associate director of admissions and enrollment programs.  Previously, she worked at the University of South Florida in Tampa as senior assistant director of admissions.

Glassman holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in education with a concentration in enrollment management.  Prior to a career in enrollment management, Glassman worked for the Walt Disney World Company in Orlando.

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