BBC takes kayaking into the dark

So you think you have done everything under the sun in Miami? Maybe you have. Maybe it’s time to experience something new under the light of the moon. Night kayaking at Biscayne Bay Campus takes you on a surreal hour-long journey through a lesser known part of the Magic City – Biscayne Bay at night. The best part of all, there’s no sticky sunscreen.

Unlike most night kayaking excursions in South Florida, FIU’s Kayaks are outfitted with LED lights that illuminate the surrounding mangrove canopies and seafloor, allowing for a view of the wildlife all around you. In fact, the fish are so attracted to the light that they might even abandon the sea life altogether and join you in your kayak.

No need to fear, the professional guides will navigate your group through the waters to “Beer Can Island.” On the island, you are treated to a campfire and scrumptious s’mores –  just like that one time you went camping when you were a kid. You don’t have to be a kid to come along, the kayak tours are open to the public for only $10 and free to FIU students.

To learn more and find upcoming dates, visit BBC’s Campus Recreation website.

– Doug Garland