Building boom at FIU

A building boom at FIU is expanding classroom space, adding much-needed laboratories and providing some exciting new amenities. Here’s a look at the newest and upcoming additions:


Academic Health Center 4 (AHC-4)

Purpose: Scientific research facility for the College of Medicine and the College of Arts & Sciences, wet and dry labs, classrooms and seminar rooms

Size: 136,082 SF

Cost: $57.5 million

Cool feature: A customized mass spectrometer laboratory

Opened: March 2013


Parkview Housing

Purpose: Student living

Size: 620 beds with 290-car parking garage

Cost: $55 million

Cool feature: Floor-to-ceiling, glassed-in common room overlooking FIU Stadium

Opened: August 2013


Student Academic Support Center (SASC)

Purpose: Honors College and University Graduate School offices, Enrollment Services, Student Financials, classrooms

Size: 73,173 Gross SF

Cost: $25.6 million

Cool feature: 750-seat auditorium, largest at FIU

Opening: June 2015


Satellite Chiller Plant

Purpose: Improve campus energy efficiency

Size: 14,000 SF

Cost: $7.1 million

Cool feature: Plant provides chilled water for laboratories when power goes down

Opened: April 2013


Stocker AstroScience Center

Purpose: Astronomy research observatory, classrooms

Size: 10,233 SF

Cost: $4.4 million

Cool feature: Control room inspired by the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Opened: January 2014


Management and New Growth Opportunities Building (MANGO)

Purpose: College of Business and FIU Online, classrooms

Size: 107,912 SF

Cost: $35.7 million

Cool feature: First floor mall with Starbucks, Panda Express, Taco Bell

Opening: July 2014


Academic Health Center 5 (AHC-5)

Purpose: Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work, College of Arts & Sciences and International Hurricane Research Center research facilities, classrooms, offices

Size: 121,465 SF

Cost: $44.9 million

Cool feature: Huge cantilever that houses laboratory space

Opening: Summer 2014


Ambulatory Care Center

Purpose: In partnership with Miami-Dade County, a treatment and diagnostic center open to the public

Size: 32,023 SF

Cost: $8.6 million

Cool feature: The new 109th Street bridge spanning 8th Street will lead pedestrians to the center

Opening: November 2014


Parking Garage 6 (PG6)

Purpose: Parking, bus port, retail

Size: 2,000 parking spaces, 35,000 SF

Cost: $42.6 million

Opening: January 2015


Restaurant Management Lab

Purpose: Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management advanced food production lab and brewing science lab

Size: 140 seat

Cost: $2 million

Cool feature: Two-story wine tower and spirits demonstration bar

Opened: September 2013


Wolfe University Center Renovation

Purpose: Modernize interior and exterior of the Panther Square gathering area with new facades, new seating and a coffee shop. Mary Ann Wolfe Theater also being renovated.

Cost: $3.25 million


Cool feature: A bronze Panther statue for Panther Square

Opened: March 2014   

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