FIYou: Christine Tellez

Christine 1.jpgName: Christine Tellez

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL

Job Title/Department: Registered Dietitian at Student Health Services

Campus: MMC and BBC

In a nutshell: I provide individual nutrition counseling for students and staff here at FIU ranging on topics like healthy eating, weight loss and weight gain, sports nutrition, chronic disease management and eating disorders.  I also hold monthly cooking demos at Bay Vista and have done nutrition education outreach in coordination with our Wellness Center.

Number of years at FIU: 1.5 years

What do you enjoy most about your job?: The fact that is never boring. I see students that come in with different needs so it forces me to always keep up to date on my nutrition knowledge. I also love working with students and seeing them improve their health through changes that they make themselves.

What do you think students and your fellow faculty/staff should know about your department?: The Wellness Center offers many services to students for free that can improve your quality of life. We have massages, HIV testing, acupuncture, stress management and more. Also, I am part of the Body Acceptance Program which is done in collaboration with CAPS where we work with students that may have body image concerns and/or eating disorders.  It is a safe space where students can come get help.

Where is your favorite spot on campus? Why?:  At MMC the Nature Preserve—it is really beautiful and different from the chaos of the rest of FIU. I love to go walk with my iPod there. At BBC I love to eat by the bay- it’s really beautiful and peaceful.

How is FIU “Worlds Ahead”?: Student Health Services offers a holistic approach to medical care.  We try to look at the whole picture and offer services that are individualized to each student’s needs.

Family snapshot: I am an only child so my immediate family is very small. I have an amazing two-year-old son that makes every day worth living and two great parents that are a constant source of support and love. I also have a huge family in Nicaragua that I wish I could see more frequently!

Word that best describes you: Dreamer

First paying job: Cashier at Ace Hardware

Favorite TV show: The Office, The Wire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, House of Cards, Homeland

What is playing on your iPod?: I listen to almost everything except for new country music—so my iPod has pop like Beyoncé, old school R& B, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Spanish rock, and more.

Your proudest accomplishment: Being a mom

What do you do when you are not working at FIU?: Read, exercise, go to the beach, go out to eat, experiment in the kitchen, hang out with my family and friends, watch bad shows on Netflix, and sleep when I can.