President Rosenberg: Hurricane season preparedness

President Mark B. Rosenberg sent the following memo to the university community on Monday, June 2:

Dear FIU family:

This weekend marked the beginning of the 2014 hurricane season. As all of us in South Florida know from experience, a single storm can have a dramatic impact!

This is the ideal time to create or review your personal hurricane plan and become familiar with the university’s emergency communication procedures, which apply to all potential hazards, not just hurricanes. If you are new to South Florida, we urge you to educate yourself and make sure you are ready.

As a member of the university community you also have a responsibility to familiarize yourself with FIU’s emergency procedures, including the emergency communication plan, and be an active participant in your own safety by staying alert to messages from university and local officials.

FIU has a redundant emergency notification system known as FIU Alert. In the event of an emergency, FIU will activate some or all of the following channels of communication:

  • Text messages
  • Informacast (phones in classrooms and outdoor speakers)
  • Email messages to your FIU account
  • Updates on the FIU homepage and FIU News
  • Social Media
  • FIU Help Line: 305-FIU-HELP (305-348-4357)
  • Local media
  • Radio (88.1 FM and/or 95.3 FM)

Information about pending hurricanes or tropical storms will be sent via e-mail to your FIU account and posted on the FIU home page, and

If you have not done so already, please take a moment now to sign up for FIU text alerts, which are issued only in the event of eminent danger.

Faculty and staff should also take a moment to become familiar with your department’s Continuity of Operations Plan now. As soon as possible after an emergency, you should establish contact with your colleagues and supervisor.

Being prepared and taking these simple steps will make for a safer hurricane season and quicker recovery, should a hazardous event affect the university community. The university has taken steps to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff and I urge you to take this opportunity to do the same.

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