Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant gives students opportunity to conduct research in Latin America

FIU’s Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) has awarded 18 graduate students the Tinker Field Research Grant.

The Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants Program funds graduate student travel to Spanish or Portuguese-speaking counties in Latin America and the Caribbean to conduct research directly related to the region.

LACC was selected by The Tinker Foundation to administer their competitive $15,000 yearly grant, which carries the possibility of two additional one-year renewals.  LACC matches the grant amount bringing the total support for Tinker grant graduate student awardees to $90,000 over 3 years.

“The Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant is essential for the long-term development of our program, “ said Latin American and Caribbean Center director Frank Mora. “It provides our dedicated students with a unique opportunity to conduct pre-doctoral research and enables them to develop contacts with leading scholars and institutions in their respective fields of study.”

Among the award recipients are biology, history and anthropology students, studying subjects that range from botany to musical origins.

“Through the financial support of the Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant, I will be able to interact with primary sources, which is crucial to my dissertation,” said Micah Oelze, a PhD candidate in the history department traveling to Brazil to study ethnomusicology.  “This experience will improve the quality of my research.”

For a complete list of the Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant recipients please click here.

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