6 life-changing moments that will happen at Panther Camp

Panther Camp is an extended orientation program geared towards new FIU students who want to take orientation to another level. You, along with other newly-annointed Panthers, head to Lake Placid, Florida, for three days and learn all about who you can be at FIU the next four years. There are plenty of incredible moments to anticipate; here are 6 of them.

1. Meeting your families

First thing that happens at Panther Camp once you arrive: you get paired up with your family. These are the core group of Panthers you’ll be with for the rest of your camp stay. No matter if you’re in the Oikos or Prodigy family, these people will be with you no matter what. Also, you get to come up with a family chant that you’ll be repping throughout the weekend.

oikos prodigy

2. Sliming your facilitators

Nothing like meeting the people you might become incredibly close with, and immediately sliming them “Nickelodeon-style” right after.

2014-07-18 21.31.58-2

3. Two words: Beach. Day.

Beach day isn’t just about hanging out by Lake Placid. The activities are all about working as a team and getting stuff done together, in unison.

Also: water slides!

4. Group activities

Every activity at Panther Camp deals with either academics, college life or time management. Some might even challenge aspects of yourself (Trash Your Values). But no matter what, they’re all incredibly valuable as an incoming freshman or transfer student.

5. Who will you be?

College is about a lot of things, but finding yourself is up there. “Who Will You Be?” is a chance for Panther Camp leadership to really encourage you to be someone who will make an impact at FIU.

2014-07-19 19.53.01

6. The bonfire ritual

The last night at Panther Camp might be the most emotional moment of the weekend. It’s all about sitting together with your fellow campers and sharing your thoughts about camp and your “family.”

2014-07-19 23.52.01

Also: smores!

Bonus: Boom-Boom Room

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