Alumnus stars in pivotal scene opposite Vin Diesel in ‘Furious 7’

Jorge Ferragut‘s career just got shifted into high gear.

The latest installment of the Fast & The Furious franchise debuts worldwide April 3rd, expecting to take in $100 million in the opening weekend alone. Ferragut, who graduated from FIU with a business degree, plays a Dominican priest opposite Vin Diesel in a scene so secretive, the actor is not allowed to talk about it.

“My scene packs a couple of big surprises for longtime fans of the film, so the production isn’t releasing photos or video of it, and I even signed a confidentiality agreement,” Ferragut says.

The role marks Ferragut’s big screen debut.

“It’s awesome,” he says. “It’s incredibly difficult to get a role in a feature film, and to think it’s coming in such a major motion picture is very gratifying.”

Alumnus Jorge Ferragut on the set of Furious 7.

Alumnus Jorge Ferragut on the set of Furious 7.


Before pursuing acting, Ferragut worked in technology and advertising, including the Miami Herald. After the acting bug bit, he studied with renowned Miami acting teacher Marc Durso/ActTrue and with Larry Villanueva at Miami Community College’s Prometeo. He found work in South Florida’s thriving commercial market and eventually made his network TV debut in the Charlie’s Angels reboot on ABC, which shot in Miami.

Ferragut shot Furious 7 on location in Atlanta, and he says being fluent in Spanish was key to being cast in both Furious 7 and in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire this season. He adds, “I’m proud my roots are helping me open doors.”

The up-and-coming actor is currently reading a script for a short film bound for the festival circuit. But the priority, he says, is enjoying the moment.

“This is a small scene in a big movie, and I’m happy to be part of a poignant moment that the fans are going to love.”