FIYou: Ana Alicia Lemos

Ana Alicia Lemos

Ana Alicia Lemos

Name: Ana Alicia Lemos

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela and Miami, FL

Job Title/Department: International Programs Manager for the School of Environment, Arts and Society in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Campus: Modesto A. Maidique Campus

What do you do at FIU, in a nutshell?: I manage international programs for the School of Environment, Arts and Society. I assist researchers and students working in research projects abroad, coordinate field courses, and manage projects with community and international partners. I’ve worked in several countries in Latin America and in Africa on FIU’s various water conservation and education projects. I am also a soon-to-be, two-time FIU alumna!

Number of years at FIU: 8 years

What do you enjoy most about your job?: I’ve always enjoyed helping people and working with international projects has given me the opportunity to see and learn many interesting things. Even though coordinating activities and field courses in remote places can be challenging at times, it is rewarding to know that my work is helping someone better understand their research and environment to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, including climate change and biodiversity conservation. During field courses and research trips, I find it crazy that I get paid to do things like swim in the Amazon River and see lions and giraffes in Tanzania!

What do you think students and your fellow faculty/staff should know about your department?: The School of Environment, Arts and Society does awesome research and outreach. Because the school is interdisciplinary, it has people working on everything from tropical conservation to the preservation of languages. I love that I get to learn about so many different topics from the great faculty and students we have.

Where is your favorite spot on campus? Why?: In front of the SIPA building by the lake. I love watching the birds roost on the trees nearby in the afternoons.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about FIU?: I wish everyone knew about the great work FIU is doing in South Florida. FIU is leading research efforts to restore the Everglades, find ways to deal with the imminent threat of sea level rise, help administer health services to disadvantaged groups, capture the identity of a diverse community through visual arts and literature, and many other unique initiatives.

How is FIU “Worlds Ahead”?: I think FIU is a unique and growing university that is working to understand and solve issues facing our community and the world. As a one of the largest universities in the country, FIU has a direct impact on what the future looks like, and that is very exciting!

Family snapshot: I’m married and have a lazy English bulldog named Thor we rescued 2 years ago.

Word that best describes you: Feisty

First paying job:  Swim instructor and lifeguard

Favorite TV show:  Law & Order

What is playing on your iPod?: The Black Tapes podcast about ghosts and supernatural beings. I like to scare myself.

Your proudest accomplishment: Being able to accept the things I cannot change and being comfortable with myself.

What do you do when you are not working at FIU?: When I’m not at FIU, I like to ride bike, kayak and explore Miami. Even though I’ve lived here for so long, I’m always finding new things! I also like all things manatee-related.