What do you want to know about sharks?

cropped-research-cover-slide-3Shark Week is approaching and FIU News is ready to talk predators.

With some of the top marine researchers in the country, including several focused on the science of sharks, we have enough content to write about sharks for countless Shark Weeks. But we want to know what you want to know about sharks. Tell us in the “comments” section below. Do you have a question about sharks? Ask. Your questions will help shape our coverage.

FIU researchers, including Yannis Papastamatiou, Jeremy Kiszka and Mark Bond, focus on conservation and the role of sharks in our oceans. And College of Arts, Sciences & Education Dean Mike Heithaus is an internationally known shark expert, marine ecologist and one of the lead investigators for Global FinPrint, the largest-ever attempt to survey the world’s reef shark and ray populations.

This is your chance to pick their brains. Just leave a comment below with your questions or inquiries. FIU News will bring you answers from FIU’s marine scientists, because for them, every week is shark week.