Talent Development Network hits 2-year internship goal in 8 months

Alma Ramirez, 25, is currently pursuing her MBA in healthcare administration at FIU, and she is already working part-time at Abeyon Healthcare.

While working toward her degree, Ramirez wanted to get an internship so she could have as much experience as possible before graduating. “My hope was that through my internship, I could learn more about the industry.”

Ramirez got her start at Abeyon as an IT intern through the Talent Development Network (TDN), a program that matches Miami’s local students with internships at top employers in fast-growing career fields. After a 3-month internship with the company, she landed the job.


From left to right: CEO and founder of Abeyon, Mallesh Murugesan, Maite Nogales, and Alma Ramirez

“TDN was the medium that allowed me to find out about the opportunity,” Ramirez said. “I reached out to TDN, submitted my resume and respective info, and within two weeks I was being called for an interview.”

TDN is helping foster an internship culture in Miami, matching students like Ramirez with employers across Miami-Dade County.

Part of the Beacon Council’s One Community One Goal Targeted Industry Strategic Plan, TDN focuses on creating internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in seven industries: Aerospace, Creative Design, Hospitality and Leisure, Information Technology, Life Sciences and Health Care, International Banking and Finance and Trade and Logistics.

“Alma has been a wonderful addition to Abeyon,”said Mallesh Murugesan, CEO and founder of Abeyon. “Saif [vice president of FIU’s Engagement] and TDN have been extremely helpful in this regard. TDN is an important initiative for Miami-Dade county and I look forward bringing more interns through TDN.”

This past March, TDN hit its internship goal of posting 200 internships for its pilot two-year program (2015-2016) within 8 months of its launch date. As of June, the portal had posted 327 internships and 90 percent of them were paid.

“Creating an internship culture in Miami-Dade County is essential for us to continue to establish ourselves as a global city,” said Saif Ishoof, vice president of Engagement who oversees Talent Development Network partnership for FIU. “By giving our students these opportunities, we are encouraging our best and brightest students to build their lives in our community.”

Since its launch TDN has registered 196 employers and 909 students; filled 109 positions; and processed more than 1,800 applications.

“It’s important to challenge yourself, step out of the box and go for different opportunities,” Ramirez said. “You never know what you can get if only you ask.”

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