FIU law graduates earn highest Florida Bar passage rate for third time in a row


For the third time in a row, FIU College of Law graduates have earned the top bar passage rate in Florida, with 87.5 percent passing the exam that allows them to practice law in the state.

First among Florida’s 11 law schools on the July 2016 bar examination, FIU College of Law graduates exceeded the statewide average bar passage rate of 68.2 percent by almost 20 percentage points. This follows the state-leading 84.6 percent passage rate on the February 2016 exam, and 89 percent pass rate on the July 2015 bar exam. All three rates have been the highest in Florida.

“FIU Law graduates continue to excel, in passing the bar and subsequently in employment results. Our students’ work ethic and dedication, as well as the quality of teaching from our faculty, are evidenced in these results,” said R. Alexander Acosta, Dean of FIU Law.

“I especially wish to thank Professor Raul Ruiz, who is our director of bar exam preparation, and Assistant Dean Louis Schulze. They have created and implemented an outstanding bar exam preparation program that provides all of our graduates with the resources they need to help them on this high stakes exam. Our bar exam preparation and Academic Excellence Program are unique in Florida and provide unparalleled opportunities for students to become better students and better lawyers. Most importantly, I want to recognize our graduates for the long hours and hard work they put in and welcome them as new members of the Florida Bar.”