How to get a great deal with FIU’s textbook price match program

By Joel Delgado ’12, MS ’17

Let’s face it: textbooks can be expensive.

According to the College Board, college students spend between $600 and $1,400 on textbooks each year. Multiply that by four years and, well, you don’t have to be a math major to realize that’s a lot of money.

The good news is this: If you already know what courses you’ll be taking next semester, you can save a good chunk of change by taking the time to shop around for the best price.

FIU Barnes & Noble is working hard to make college more affordable for students through online and in-store price matching of textbooks offered by local competitors or online vendors like and From renting textbooks to price matching, you are sure to get a great deal on textbooks and course materials at the FIU Barnes & Noble.

Some key details to keep in mind about the textbook price match:

  • The textbook must be in stock and available for immediate shipment at the campus bookstore and the local competitor or online retailer.
  • The price advertised must be for the exact book and edition offered at the campus bookstore, including all accompanying components such as CDs, online access cards, student manuals or workbooks.
  • Price matching includes rental pricing. Rental term period (number of days available) must be comparable and only used rental price matching will be honored.
  • The bookstore can’t match digital textbooks and access codes, special orders, new rentals, peer-to-peer pricing or online marketplaces where products or services are provided by multiple third parties, vendors or shops (like Amazon Marketplace & Warehouse Deals).

Here are a few easy steps to help you take full advantage of FIU’s textbook price match policy:


Visit the FIU Barnes & Noble website, plug in all your course information for the upcoming semester and find out what textbooks and other course materials will be required for each course.

Here’s a good tip: Copy the ISBN numbers that are displayed for each textbook. That way, when you’re searching for those textbooks on Amazon or, you’ll find the exact same book and edition required for the class. The price match only applies to the exact book and edition offered at the campus bookstore, including all accompanying components such as CDs, student manuals or workbooks.

Don’t forget to check for textbook rentals, used textbooks or digital versions as alternatives to keep your costs down. Chances are, FIU Barnes & Noble bookstores can match those prices, too!


Once you find a lower price for a textbook on, say,, visit an FIU Barnes & Noble bookstore location or inquire online.

When you do, make sure to provide the website or location with the lower price, the textbook ISBN number and whether the textbook is new, used or a used rental.

Once you do, the staff at the bookstore will confirm whether or not the price match policy applies and answer any further questions you might have about your textbooks.

For more information about the FIU Barnes & Noble Bookstore Price Match Program, click here.