Spotify mixes music and careers with College of Business students

Spotify mixes music and careers with FIU College of Business students.

On a quest for dynamic college students as interns and student ambassadors, Spotify executives arrived at FIU’s College of Business with a DJ mixing the latest hits and lighting effects headlining its #jointheband event.

A partnership with COB’s Career Management Services, it was Spotify’s first event at FIU.

“We want to invest in student talent from FIU,” said Travis Robinson, director of global talent acquisition + diversity and inclusion at Spotify. “We believe this talent to be really sharp.”

Travis Robinson
Travis Robinson

The event at the College of Business was designed to attract students for paid internships in technology, content creation, marketing and engineering, and, later, transition them to full-time employees.

“It’s a playful, fun way to give students a snapshot of what it would be like to be an employee at Spotify,” said Robinson.

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