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Our researchers can’t work without their…

Our researchers can’t work without their…

Researchers go into the field sometimes with just a backpack, other times with suitcases full of gear. Some tools can […]

Is homework really helpful?

Is homework useful?

The internet, if not the world, breathed a collective sigh of relief when the story of a Texas teacher ditching […]

Charles Bleiker, an assistant professor of early childhood education, is sharing a series of how-to videos showing parents how the math games he developed can be played at home.

Three games to help your preschooler master math

Learning math and numerical concepts can be a challenge for young children, but one early childhood professor is pioneering a […]

Alberto Padron ’98, MBA ’09, returns for a third year as the TEDxFIU master of ceremonies.

TEDxFIU announces speakers for 2014

Ten speakers will take the audience on a fearless journey of creativity, innovation and humanity at TEDxFIU 2014. The third […]

Mastering math is child’s play

Mastering math is child’s play

Four-year-old Danny calls out excitedly to a classmate passing by. “Estoy ganando,” he says in Spanish. “I’m winning!” Facing no […]