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Credit: J.L. Lee/National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The kilogram changed while you were sleeping

The original way to define the kilogram has been retired. Physics professor Pete Markowitz explains what this means and why […]

Female engineering graduates break barriers, change lives

Female engineering graduates break barriers, change lives

FIU will hold 10 commencement ceremonies from April 28, 2019 – May 1, 2019 to celebrate the achievements of more […]

At recent symposium, women led the way in STEM student research

At recent symposium, women led the way in STEM student research

Of the 16 FIU students presenting their original research at the Life Sciences South Florida (LSSF) 7th Annual STEM Undergraduate […]

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#FutureIsUs: My volunteer work with FIU’s largest student tech organization

Name: Samantha J. Fernandez Hometown: Miami, Florida What is your major? Information Technology What organization have your partnered with to […]

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St. Hugh Catholic School
Left to right: Anna Cruz, Nicolas Rodriguez, Sofia Santa-Cruz

Future engineers envision resilient, disaster-proof cities

Research shows natural disasters are on the rise worldwide. The year 2018 was the fourth warmest year on record dating […]

FIU receives $1.49 million to transform how calculus is taught

FIU receives $1.49 million to transform how calculus is taught

FIU’s STEM Transformation Institute has received a $1.49 million grant from the National Science Foundation to improve student success in […]

A neutron star, the ultra dense core of a massive star that collapses and undergoes a supernova explosion, is found at its center. Credits: Credits: X-ray (NASA/CXC/ESO/F.Vogt et al); Optical (ESO/VLT/MUSE & NASA/STScI)

What tiny particles mean for big stars

An international team of physicists has made a discovery that fills in the gaps of our understanding of some of […]

Source: NASA

Physics savvy is a soccer player’s secret weapon

Understanding the physics of soccer may give players a competitive advantage. As the 2018 World Cup heads into the quarterfinals, […]

Assen Aeronautics team. From left to right: Lamar Burton, Assen Andonov, Marcus Herndon, John Gibson, Milena Andonov and Micheal Adeyosoye.

Engineering students join forces with pilot to build flying bike

Wanting to fly is a dream of many little kids. Assen Andonov, born in Bulgaria, dreamed of flying a plane […]

Students receive NSF graduate fellowships

Students receive NSF graduate fellowships

At the age of 20, Paloma Tuttle-Vasseur is headed to Harvard with her FIU bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a […]

Lamar Burton in Paris, France.

Ph.D. student represents FIU at international Maize Genetics Conference

Born in the small town of Greensburg, Louisiana, Lamar Burton recalls his 40-minute walks to the nearest grocery store, seeing […]

From left to right: Bryan Naranjo, Maikel Oliva, Juan Hurtado, Fernando Lerggios and Maria Romanowski (Team 7: Skyleep) presenting their senior design project to high school students at Jose Marti MAST Academy.

Engineering students inspire high schoolers with capstone projects

Before FIU, Andres Archila attended Robert Morgan High School, where every student was required to select a career academy to […]

John Gibson, electrical engineering doctoral student and first Bridge to the Doctorate graduate

Meet the first graduate of FIU’s Bridge to the Doctorate program

At a young age, John Gibson loved breaking things apart and putting them back together. In a computer class he […]

Nuclear waste might be a thing of the past if this graduate can help it

Nuclear waste might be a thing of the past if this graduate can help it

A recent chemistry graduate might help FIU researchers unlock the secrets to make nuclear waste safer. Matthew Fortunato ’17 starts […]

From left to right: Isabella Gonzalez, Bella Pennekamp and Andrea Altamirano from St. Hugh presenting their winning project, Tandanya.

Emerging engineers envision future cities for senior citizens

Imagine a grandmother waiting for her daughter to get out of work to bring her prescription drugs because there is […]