FIU aims to save money this summer by raising the temperature, turning off lights

In an effort to generate savings and in keeping Gov. Charlie Crist’s initiatives to battle global climate change – which include efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce Florida’s greenhouse gas emissions – Florida International University will adopt a four-day-a-week, 10-hours-a-day modified summer schedule from June 6 through July 25.

Classes scheduled on Fridays and over the weekend will take place at the prescribed time but the location may change, since some buildings will be closed as a result of this initiative.

Summer hours from Monday to Thursday (8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.) will apply to administrative units so that select buildings may be closed, a move that is expected to generate a minimum of $250,000 in savings. Raising the temperature inside the buildings, keeping the lights off and the doors closed will help reduce the electricity bill.

Certain buildings, such as the Graham Center, the Wolf University Center, and residence halls will remain open. Student services – such as Public Safety – will continue to operate on their regular schedules. Public Safety will continue to patrol the campus on their regularly scheduled shifts.

“This is the first time the university has found it necessary to adopt a four-day week and we hope our students and employees will find it beneficial,” said FIU President Modesto A. Maidique. “The 10-hour work day provides us with a cost-savings opportunity while we provide full services to our significant evening student population, since we will have extended business hours Monday through Thursday. Many of the customer service units will have employees on-call on Fridays.”

Additional savings are expected to come as a result of employees consuming less gas, since they will be commuting to campus four rather and five days a week.

The division of Human Resources has developed guidelines to assist employees in developing a personal plan to meet the modified summer schedule. The guidelines as well as additional information are available at


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