Employee notes for Jan. 22, 2009

WILLIAM KURTINES and WENDY SILVERMAN of psychology have been awarded $3 million from the National Institutes for Mental Health (NIMH) to study cognitive behavioral therapy. They will conduct their work through The Child Anxiety and Phobia Program (CAPP) and the Youth Development Project (YDP).

KURTINES has won several grants that look at parent-child dyads and family processes. He also has been a visiting faculty member in the Department of Psychology at University of Texas at Austin, in the School of Education at Harvard University, a visiting scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Education and Human Development in Berlin, Germany, and a visiting professor at Kobe Shinwa Women’s University in Kobe, Japan.

SILVERMAN has worked on several grants to design and evaluate psychosocial interventions for children with anxiety disorders. She has published more than 100 research articles and book chapters on childhood anxiety.

DIONNE STEPHENS of psychology received a Blackboard Exemplary Award for his online course, Psychology of Women, SOP 3742. Developed in collaboration with Yannick Thames and Felson Thomas Watson, of FIU Online Learning and E-Learning, Stephens’ class was one of nine selected from more than 500 international entries. In July she was one of three award winners selected to showcase the course at the BbWorld ’08 in Las Vegas, the annual conference for Black Board International.

MIRA WILKINS, an economist, had her paper, “US Business in Europe: An American Perspective,” published in American Firms in Europe (Hubert Bonin and Ferry de Goey, eds.) She also was a panelist at a session on “Understanding Globalization through the History of Multinational Enterprise,” at the American Historical Association in New York City on Jan 4.

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