Diary of a football player

FIU wide receiver and Sun Belt Conference Freshman of the Year T.Y. Hilton shared on March 4 his thoughts on the beginning of 2009 spring football practices, going over some of the drills performed and taking fans inside the huddle. Up next for the FIU football team is the annual Blue and Gold Game on Friday, April 3, at FIU Stadium at University Park. Everyone’s invited to attend and admission is free.

By T.Y. Hilton

The first day of practice is always a little confusing until we get into the feel of what the coaches want us to do. But I just kept my feet moving because that is what the coaches always tell us to do. Overall it was a lot of fun to be back out on the field.

It was kind of relaxing in a way.

I did a lot of messing with coach Cristobal today. He kept telling me to “Come on, Skinny”. Skinny was the nickname my high school head coach gave me. The defensive coaches, while we were doing a hurry-up offense drill, were messing with me as well, saying, “Come on, T.Y. Come get some.”

So as you can tell, we were all having a good time being back on the field. It was fun to be back out there.

We also got to play for the first time with some of the newcomers on our team. I got to work a lot with new quarterback Wesley Carroll. It’s exciting for me to have some of these new great players on our team. I think Wesley is a great player and since he has to sit out this year because he is a transfer, I think he will be able to help the defense out-reading our opponents offenses while working with the scout team. Wesley looked good today. He is a good guy and I’m happy he is on my team.

While it was fun to be back out there, we still have a lot to work on and our coaches are pushing us hard to improve. I would give the first practice a B- if I had to give it a grade. It was a good practice but I know we can be better.

That’s all for Day 1. We are back on the field for practice on March 6.

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