President Rosenberg blogs from China: May 10, 2010

Welcome to President Mark B. Rosenberg’s blog chronicling his visit to China. Today, in his final blog entry, he reports on FIU’s first alumni event in China. Click here to check out his entry from May 7th, here to check out his entry from May 8th, and here to check out his May 9th entry.

Monday, May 10, 2010

FIU achieves a milestone — the organization of a China Chapter of the FIU Alumni Association!

Nearly 60 persons gathered at the Royal Meiweizhen Restaurant (Xihai) in Beijing to take the first steps to organize a chapter of our alumni association. The gathering brought a mix of graduates from the College of Engineering and the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. It was hosted by John Lim at his restaurant. Mr. Lim is a friend of FIU who has provided financial and advisory support for the school at its Tianjin campus.

What an evening — from a traditional tea ceremony to welcoming statements by Dean Joan Remington and Yechang Fang. I had an opportunity to meet two FIU “Lovebirds,” students who met in class and subsequently married! I promised to send them an invitation to next February’s reception for FIU “Lovebirds”.


Wu Qing and Xu Shiyu met at FIU and married last year.

The excited graduates were treated to refreshments that included traditional Chinese food, ample wine and other adult beverages for the happy alums.

I spoke to our newest alumni and set before them three challenges: to tell the story about their education; to have pride in it; and then to financially support when they can.

Many thanks to the FIU Alumni Association and to the School of Hospitality for making this long-awaited event happen!

— Mark Rosenberg