FIU experts offer insight into Japan disaster

FIU professors have been following the disaster in Japan since an earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck the nation on March 11, offering their perspectives on the multitude of challenges ahead for the nation. Experts in geology, disaster recovery, nuclear energy, engineering and Japanese culture and politics have been addressing the media since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Sendai.

As a result of the earthquake, thousands of people are dead or missing, many others have been evacuated from areas surrounding nuclear power plants that are in danger of meltdown and hundreds of aftershocks have struck the world’s third largest economy.

Our experts explain how this happened, the dangers that still exist, and the long road to recovery that lies ahead. Below are a few links to where FIU professors have appeared:

FIU professor who lived close to the affected area in Japan talks to Local 10

FIU professor discusses the risk of a tsunami in the Caribbean

No Doomsday seen in recent quakes, just “bad luck”
‎Vancouver Sun

FIU professor explains the danger of a nuclear meltdown
CNN en Espanol

FIU professor gives update on Japanese nuclear power plant
Despierta America, Univision

FIU engineering professor explains causes and consequences of a nuclear meltdown

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