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10 Questions for FIU Blue Man

10 Questions for FIU Blue Man

August 25, 2011 at 12:00am

If you’ve been to an FIU football game, you’ve probably seen FIU’s Blue Man. The second-year architecture student is positively blue with FIU pride. FIU Magazine caught up with him recently to learn about his blue-hue beauty secrets and plans for the football season.


Were you “Born This Way”?

Funny story, Roary was always on my chest so I knew I was headed to FIU from the beginning. The blue kicked in around 6 years old. Talk about throwing off the doctors.

What’s your take on Roary?

I have a Roary sticker on my laptop, a giant magnet on my fridge, a customized Google Chrome skin of Roary and pictures of him throughout my room. Roary is my idol!

What’s the secret to your glowing blue complexion?

Cocoa butter. A little in the morning and before bed keeps me looking young and blue!

What’s one thing everyone should know about Blue Man?

I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people leave games early! Have pride in our teams. Stand by them even if they lose a game. There is no better support than a packed stadium!

How welcoming would you say FIU has been to you as a person of unusual color?

FIU is such a great, diverse university and everyone has been very welcoming and encouraging. The Student Programming Council even took me in as one of their own.

What’s your plan to take on the Blue Devil when Duke comes to town Oct. 1 for Homecoming?

I need everyone’s help with this. My plan is to overwhelm him with a super-excited, jam-packed crowd at the stadium. We’ll be so loud and proud, he won’t be able to resist chanting the Blue & Gold too. Imagine what that will look like on ESPN3!

You’re not related to him, are you?

OH NO! I’m one of a kind, just like FIU.

What super powers do you have?

My superpower is my awe-inspiring school FIU spirit. I’ve been known to bring an entire crowd to its feet. No one can resist the Blue Man spirit.

Which FIU cheer is your favorite?

You can never have enough cheers, which is why I’m trying to start a new one: “GOLD GOLD! BLUE BLUE! GOLDEN PANTHERS FIU!” I challenge every student to come up with a new tradition to leave their mark in FIU history.

Why isn’t there an FIU Gold Girl?

Well, actually, FIU Gold Girl should be coming this fall to a stadium near you.