FIU tops state in energy performance for five consecutive years

For the fifth year in a row, Florida International University has topped all state universities in energy performance, saving millions each year in energy costs.

According to the December 2012 State University System (SUS) Energy Conservation Report released by the SUS Board of Governors, FIU’s energy savings were $34 million when compared to the average energy consumption of the other state universities. From 2007 to 2012, FIU had a score of 60.4728 kBTU per square foot.  The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established kBTU per square foot as the key performance indicator for energy efficiency in its Energy Star rating program.

FIU continues to meet a 2010 legslative mandate for at least a 10 percent reduction in consumption and/or cost. Compared to the 2007-08 base fiscal year specified in the legislation, FIU reduced its energy consumption by 6 percent and its utilities cost by 21 percent.

FIU has achieved this at the same time that it has added new buildings and facilities and increased its student population to 50,000.

For more on the SUS Energy Conservation Report please click here.

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