‘Know the Code’ to promote campus safety and respect

This month, Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution kicked off its Student Code of Conduct awareness campaign, encouraging students to ‘Know the Code’ and avoid sanctions.

“I wish I would have known,” is a phrase the office often hears after a student has been notified of their violation. But Student Conduct director Kristen Kawczynski says that not knowing the code isn’t justification for breaking the rules.

The Student Code of Conduct addresses everything from daily behavior, such as becoming disruptive in class, to mischievous activity, like hacking in to another students’ email account or sneaking alcohol to underage students. It also sets guidelines for more serious violations involving drugs, sexual misconduct and weapons on campus.

Dean of Students and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Cathy Akens said the code exists to provide a safe, educational, campus community for all.

“There are certain expectations and norms that govern the behavior of all of us,” Akens said. “For students, those behaviors are governed by the Code of Conduct. We have an expectation that students are familiar with those policies, that they abide by them and also that they take a role in ensuring that other members of the community are also carrying out those expectations.”

Part of its awareness campaign includes the launch of Student Conduct’s Facebook page. In addition to reminding students of the code, the page will also educate students of FIU’s civility initiative, showcase good deeds around campus and host giveaways.

Check out the video below for an inside look at what a Student Conduct Hearing looks like; it is not a real hearing.

To report code violations or other concerning behavior, click here.

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