#FIUGoesAbroad: Modern meets ancient

For some students, summer is about getting some R&R until fall comes around. Others have to take summer classes. And a few take it a step further and study abroad. FIU Goes Abroad will follow students on their trips around the globe and showcase their journeys using their photos, videos and gifs.

The worst part about studying abroad is that it doesn’t last forever, and Shonda and Shalisha are quickly realizing that. In the midst of studying and projects, they still find the time to get the most out of Japan. Read their blog below:

Immediate Change of Flavor

Homework and projects have been piling up, making this a very busy week for studying. But just because it’s “study abroad” doesn’t mean you have to study all day; you can have lots of fun, too! This week, we had an amazing experience traveling with friends to Kyoto’s neighbor cities, Osaka and Nara.

Up first was our trip to Osaka, where we received an immediate change of flavor from Kyoto’s modern meets ancient world, to Osaka’s full blown urban area. Osaka is essentially a paradise for gamers and anime/manga fans! We visited the Jump Shop, and the Pokemon Center.

photo1 (55)

After trying out a famous dish in Osaka known as Okonomiyaki, we immediately found game and anime stores that quickly took hold of our wallets.

For a change of pace, we ventured to the amazing historical sight known as Osaka Castle. The view of Osaka Castle was stunning, and it was a great way to end the day (before heading out for dinner of course!) We can’t thank our two buddies (and tour guides) Daisuke and Keisuke for making our experience in Osaka one of the best “vacations” ever!


The next day, we ventured off for more history, via Japan’s ancient capital of Nara (710-794). Nara is home to many world heritage sights, and lots of beautiful deer (who love people)!

One of the most amazing sights of the day was the biggest attraction in Nara, the great Daibutsu in Toudaiji Temple (752). Daibutsu was truly a sight to behold, and definitely something we won’t soon forget.

photo1 (56)

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