“Enough is Enough” to promote positive solutions to end bullying, violence and sexual assault

On Thursday, Oct. 23, FIU Civility Initiative and Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution will be hosting its “Enough is Enough” event in the Graham Center Pit from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event intends to promote and raise awareness about positive solutions and support to social issues including bullying, violence, domestic violence and sexual assault as students explore on campus resources.

The event will also showcase university partners who seek to promote the ideals of respect, integrity, and community. Partners include, FIU Athletics, Victim Empowerment Program, Counseling and Psychological Services, Women’s Center, Student Health Services, LGBTQA Initiatives, and the It’s on Us task force, who will share information regarding the new campaign to end sexual assault. Additionally, representatives from FIU’s Occupational Therapy program will share their current research on intimate partner violence among college students.

I Wont Stand For 1“The FIU Civility Initiative is collaborative effort by students, faculty and staff to promote civility as a cornerstone of the FIU Community,” said Kristen Kawczynski, director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. “We believe that civility is an essential component of the core values of our university. We strive to include civility in our daily actions and look forward to promoting the efforts of others that do the same. We hope to teach that civility is respect, integrity, and community to our students and community.”

Students are invited to use their voice and take a moment to state what they “Don’t stand for” and become part of a photo collage of students and staff who are taking a stance against violence and other critical issues that affect the campus community through the “Enough is Enough” campaign.

In addition, the Respect Challenge will join the event to promote its national campaign aimed at celebrating everyday heroes who encourage positive solutions to overcoming violence. Research shows that role models play an important part in showcasing healthy relationships to children and adolescents. Students can say “Thank You!” to an individual who taught them respect by taking part in the Respect Challenge.

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