Student Government Association funds $100,000 for scholarships

Student Government Association has provided $100,000 in scholarships to be distributed to FIU students through nine scholarships. Applications are open through Oct. 15.

“Jazmin and I – alongside the entire Student Government Association – are proud to be a part of supporting greater access of scholarship money for our students,” said Alexis Calatayud, Student Government Association president at MMC. “Particularly after so many of our students have stopped being eligible to receive Bright Futures, it’s important we try to address this as student leaders and make sure financial aid and scholarships are a priority.”

While SGA has provided funding for scholarships in the past, this is the largest amount ever allocated.

“The money gifted to the scholarships is interest earned from the activity and service fee,” said Matilde Gramling, executive director of Student Affairs, who oversees the A&S office and works closely with Student Government Association. “Both SGA presidents and their senates decided on the categories for scholarships and levels of funding in an effort to help as many students as possible.”

Gramling said SGA hopes to make the gift an annual occurrence, as long as the investment continues to produce interest.

“I can’t think of a better way for the interest from these funds to be used than to pay it forward to our own students,” Gramling said.

The number of awards varies per scholarship.

SGA Scholarships:

  • Excellence scholarship: $1,000
  • Graduate scholarship: $1,000
  • International scholarship: $500
  • Law Student scholarship: $1,000
  • Medical student scholarship: $1,000
  • Patriot scholarship (military): $1,000
  • Residential scholarship: $500
  • Single parent scholarship: $500
  • STEM scholarship: $500

The deadline to apply for scholarships is Oct. 15, 2014. Click here to view all SGA scholarships, criteria and eligibility.

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