5 great study spots at FIU (besides the Green Library)

By Joel Delgado ’12 MS ’17 

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time in the Green Library in the past studying for exams and fervently writing papers. But trying to find a place to sit and study in the library can be just as difficult and stressful as the exams and papers themselves.

If you’re looking for some potential alternatives during the peak hours of the day, there are a number of places on campus you could go to hold your study sessions as you prepare for your exams.

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Here are a few great locations around campus to consider:


The new M.A.N.G.O building, which opened during the Fall 2014 semester, has become one of the latest hotspots on campus for students. With a Starbucks, Panda Express and Taco Bell located in the food court on the first floor – and plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors — M.A.N.G.O. is a great spot to study if you don’t mind coffee shop-level noise.

There are plenty of booths and tables available for small groups and if you need to get caffeinated or grab a bite to eat, M.A.N.G.O’s got you covered. The best times to study at M.A.N.G.O. are probably before and after the lunch hour rush.


If you need to get some fresh air and get some studying done, look no further than the Vicky Café terrace located right behind the Frost Art Museum. For a late afternoon study session as the temperatures begin to cool, the Frost is a great place to set up shop if you can find a table. With several tables available for use and a lakeside view, it is one of the hidden gems at MMC.

Right next door, the MARC building lobby area on the first floor also has some seating available for study. Be warned, space is limited at both locations.


On the south side of the College of Business Complex, CBC 121 offers booths and tables for studying. It’s a great quiet place to study individually or in small groups and to work on your papers.

It’s also just a short walk away from the M.A.N.G.O. building in case you need a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.


If you are taking classes at BBC, the recently renovated Wolfe University Center (WUC) includes two new student lounges that provide plenty of study space for students.

The new Panther Square, the three-story atrium space in WUC, offers a nice view of Panther Plaza and has comfortable seating available on all three floors for long study sessions.


When Tropical Smoothie Café is open, the recently renovated Rec Center could also serve as a great location to get some work done. And if you’re feeling stressed about finals, bring some workout clothes and consider fitting a light workout before you study.

A 10-minute walk on a treadmill or a light jog on the Nature Preserve’s jogging path before studying could actually help. Studies have shown that exercise improves memory, cognitive function and reduces stress.

Then grab a smoothie and a booth at the Café and hit the books.


Where is your favorite place to bunker down and study for Finals Week? This article is also part of our Secrets to Success series. 

[Post updated April 21, 2017]