July 2016 in photos: Pokémon, Hillary Clinton, SummerFest

By Joel Delgado ’12 MS ’17 

Pokémon. Hillary Clinton. SummerFest. It’s been a very eventful July at FIU! The summer semester is winding down and fall semester is just a few weeks away, but don’t worry about that right now.

Instead, enjoy some of our favorite images and moments from the past month captured by photographers Eduardo Merille, Ben Guzman, Carl-Frederick Francois, Doug Garland, Vincent Rives and Nick Vera.

summerfest 1
SummerFest. Was. Awesome. Photo by Vincent Rives

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Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop on campus to introduce her vice presidential running mate, Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, at a rally inside FIU Arena July 23. Photo by Ben Guzman

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Pokemon 1

Pokémon Go fever hit FIU hard this month with hundreds of people from all over Miami coming to campus to play the game each day. The Miami New Times named the fountain near the Graham Center, with four PokéStops located around it in close proximity, as one of the 10 best places to play the game in the city. Photo by Eduardo Merille


And visitors to the Green Library are greeted by a Pikachu made completely out of post-it notes on a second floor window. Photo by Ben Guzman 

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grad fair freddy 1

Looking good! Nursing student Freddy Laguerre tries on his graduation gown at Grad Fair 2016. Photo by Nick Vera

* * * * * * *
reflection 2

At an open forum following the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and five police officers in Dallas, Asim Pleas, an account manager for the Center for Leadership, recounted a conversation he recently had with his 19-year-old son about the reality of being a black man in today’s society. Photo by Carl-Frederick Francois

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rock climbing

Rock climbing was one of several activities students competed in at the first Ultimate Panther Challenge held July 13 at MMC. Photo by Carl-Frederick Francois

* * * * * * *

mentorship 2Graduate biomedical engineering student Teshaun Francis (left) walks with Vice President of Human Resources Jaffus Hardrick on campus. The image was taken as part of an FIU Magazine photoshoot. Photo by Doug Garland

* * * * * * *
yali selfie

But first, let’s take a selfie! Vice President for Engagement Saif Ishoof takes a photo with young leaders visiting FIU this summer as part of President Obama’s Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Photo by Carl-Frederick Francois

* * * * * * *


IMAX videographer Julian Diaz (right) shoots footage with Wall of Wind Laboratory Manager Walter Conklin at the Engineering Center in late July for an upcoming film on hurricanes. IMAX will be showcasing the Wall Of Wind’s wind engineering researchers and the important work they do to ensure buildings and other structures are built to withstand hurricanes and keep the people who live in them safe. Photo by Carl-Frederick Francois

* * * * * * *debate 1

Nalisa Saati ’10, an FIU Honors College alumna and program director of the Miami-Dade Urban Debate League, uses debate as a way to build reading, research, communication and critical-thinking skills among low-income middle and high school students with the ultimate goal of inspiring them to seek a college degree. The image was taken for a College of Arts, Sciences and Education brochure. Photo by Ben Guzman

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